I’m Julé Colvin

My passion for helping leaders grow to better impact the world for good led me to become a certified coach, trainer and speaker. I have spent 30 years in the business world helping nonprofit and for-profit businesses grow principally through coaching, training, strategic planning, leadership development and winning grants.  I have helped raise millions of dollars for charities throughout my career and have helped businesses of all sizes to flourish and reach new levels of growth.  My greatest successes have included helping to re-develop an inner city neighborhood through the development of affordable housing and high-impact programming, pulling together people and resources to address major social problems and growing my own business to a high level of success in a new market.  I especially enjoy helping people develop their leadership abilities and business acumen.  My goal is to help my clients focus, balance and achieve maximum impact. 

I hold a degree (Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa Society) from Kent State University in Ohio.  I am a business owner, wife, mother, grandmother, and volunteer.  I lead such a fulfilled life and love helping others to think big and go for it.  I am known for my enthusiasm, integrity, passion to help others grow and my attention to detail.  In my precious free time, you can find me riding my bike, volunteering or expressing my artistic side through interior decorating.  I have been married for 24 years, have two children and two grandchildren.  


Coaching Individuals, NonProfit
and For-Profit Leaders

  • I am a certified coach through the John Maxwell Team.  I lead my clients through a powerful coaching process that helps them to gain greater focus on what is important in their individual lives and in their organizations and businesses.  This improved focus then leads clients to improved personal and business balance, leading ultimately to greater impact, increase and fulfillment.
  • For my nonprofit and for-profit business leaders I also provide experienced, practical, and transformational business development insight and strategies.  
  •  I offer ½ and full-day VIP days to help individuals and leaders gain even greater focus and impact for their personal and professional lives.


  • I develop and lead powerful Mastermind groups made up of leaders with a desire to develop a big vision, grow and learn from others through the process.
  • I develop customized leadership trainings for nonprofits and businesses aimed at helping develop teams, create a leadership culture and launch staff and leaders to maximum impact.  
  • I provide board trainings for nonprofits that are designed to build teams, teach critical legal and fiduciary responsibilities and motivate boards to reach their full individual and group potential. 

Strategic Planning / Business Development

I facilitate groups through a strategic planning process that culminates in a strong, big vision strategic plan with associated practical steps to achieve the vision.  My team then produces the strategic plan in written format for your team.

  • Mastermind Groups
  • Board Trainings
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Development

  • Certified Coaching
  • Powerful Coaching Process
  • Experience Insight
  • Greater Focus & Impact


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